What If?

Emma Tolbert, Reporter

LVA is full of young artists with many talents, but only majoring in one specialty can be difficult for many students. With the option to minor in another art form, students are encouraged to explore many of their other talents with many options for majors and minors. In this article, you’ll have a glimpse into students around the school, and how their major as well as their outside interests help define their future.

Elliot Clark, a junior band major, has been practicing their major since the 6th grade but doesn’t plan on pursuing orchestra. They say, ”I don’t see any kind of future with it because I can’t benefit from it. Orchestras are going out of business everywhere.” Clark says if they could change their major he would choose photography. “ Because it’s nice taking pictures, and it’d be nice to get to know how to do professional pictures. Mainly because everyone always needs pictures for everything.” 

Melanie Zelaya, a junior band major, has a different perspective about her major. As a band major, there are so many opportunities for a future career. Zelaya says, “I would like to pursue my major in college and I would like to be involved in future groups as well.”

Students from all around LVA have so many talents and aren’t afraid to express them. No matter what major, all students can pursue any hobby in the future and LVA encourages students to express this.