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2024 Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse by Fvasconcellos is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0.
Francis Scott Key Bridge: What It Says About The US Bridge Infrastructure
Jayce Rodrigues, Reporter • May 14, 2024

March 26th, 2024, 1:28 AM, Francis Scott Key Bridge. The road has just been closed due to a cargo ship just about to hit one of its piers, a...

The TikTok Ban
The TikTok Ban
Yukki Acala, Reporter • May 13, 2024

As of April 23, 2024, The United States has passed a legislation requiring the Chinese company ByteDance to sell off their app otherwise their...

Quote by Alicia Garza.
The Fall Of The Black Lives Matter Movement
Aliyah Billings, Reporter • May 12, 2024

The year 2020 is considered Pandora’s box. The world was shut down, and with everyone forced inside their houses, tension began to leak into...

Shine a Light founder Paul Vautrinot smiles proudly with graduate and his infant at the organization’s IPATH program graduation.
Shine a Light [Video]
Violet Gude and Aliyah Billings May 10, 2024 In a world where the struggles of homelessness and addiction often go hand in hand, organizations...

A NYC Week in Columbia University Scholastic Association
A NYC Week in Columbia University Scholastic Association
Aliyah Billings, Reporter • July 11, 2024

This article first appeared in the Headliners in Education Showcase. This summer, I had the opportunity to study at Columbia University’s...

Las Vegas Academys of The Arts  student council made a sign at the senior picnic assembly for the 2024 graduating class.
To The Class of 2024
Elena Murrieta, Editor in Chief • May 16, 2024

The class that seems to have dealt with the most challenges and that seems to have been given the least is the class of 2024. While completing...

The player is encouraged to look up because of the structure of the level.
Level Design In Video Games
Cameron Brian, Reporter • May 13, 2024

Video games are a broad medium. New or old, 2D or 3D, alone or with friends, games vary in many different ways. Creating a game is a big task,...

New Hobbies To Try
New Hobbies To Try
Michelle Yeboah, Reporter • May 13, 2024

Summer vacation is right around the corner and with all that free time, there are so many new activities to try out. Whether out of boredom or...

Kyrie Larson, a resident of Nevada at the Las Vegass off roading ATV tours.
Fun Date Ideas To Do In Las Vegas
Aria Celentano, Reporter • May 12, 2024

With summer approaching and with new couples and friends starting to emerge post prom season, some might be wondering where some fun places to...

What Makes A Good Story
What Makes A Good Story
Cosmo Kitchen, Reporter • May 10, 2024

From Harry Potter to Romeo And Juliet, stories have been around for millennia, fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, and history, sci-fi, and stories...

Aging has a wonderful beauty, and we should have respect for that. Eartha Kitt
Sincerely 17
Elena Murrieta, Editor in Chief • May 16, 2024

When looking at popular songs from both now and in the past, it seems like age 17 stands out as one of the most mentioned ages.  Not only has...

Image by Danica Seitz
What Las Vegas Needs Is More Spaces for Teens To Hangout
Danica Seitz, Reporter • May 15, 2024

What Las Vegas needs is more spaces for teens to go and be able to hangout. Going to the same places over and over again can get very repetitive...

My mother and I standing in front of the restaurant after our meal.
Best Kept Secret: Edo Gastro Tapas & Wine
Eliana Wehrle, Reporter • May 14, 2024

Tucked away in a little shopping center in the heart of Chinatown, this narrow restaurant is a delight for those who want to dip their toes into...

Communication Is Key
Communication Is Key
Greyson Martinez, Reporter • May 12, 2024

Skills are adaptive behaviors that allow people to deal with the demands and/or challenges of life. Among said skills are communication, coping,...

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