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A NYC Week in Columbia University Scholastic Association

A NYC Week in Columbia University Scholastic Association

Aliyah Billings, Reporter July 11, 2024

This article first appeared in the Headliners in Education Showcase. This summer, I had the opportunity to study at Columbia University’s Scholastic Press Association Summer Journalism workshop, which...

Las Vegas Academys of The Arts  student council made a sign at the senior picnic assembly for the 2024 graduating class.

To The Class of 2024

Elena Murrieta, Editor in Chief May 16, 2024

The class that seems to have dealt with the most challenges and that seems to have been given the least is the class of 2024. While completing their eighth grade education, their year was taken by a pandemic...

Cappy and Rosanne.

Adopting a Disabled Cat

Danica Seitz, Reporter May 10, 2024

There are many opinions on disabled cats and their quality of life. Some people say that if a cat is disabled, they won’t live a full happy life, whereas others say they can. I believe if a cat isn't...

Construction of the LVA parking garage

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Makes Room for Parking Garage

Miguel Limcay and Conner Hollister April 11, 2024

Big changes are coming to Las Vegas Academy of the Arts and it involves saying goodbye to a familiar spot: the school field. This field has been a favorite hangout for students, a place for sports, and...

The Poppy Foundation

The Poppy Foundation

Danica Seitz, Reporter March 7, 2024

The Poppy Foundation is a non profit organization focused on the care of un-adoptable cats with medical conditions and special needs. While most cats in their care will live the rest of their lives with...

Image provided by Xay Cardenas

Freshman Spotlight: Xay Cardenas

Hannah Aquino, Reporter March 7, 2024

The next student at Las Vegas Academy we'd like to highlight is a freshman technical theater major. Her name is Xay Cardenas and she talks about her experiences with LVA, something she's struggled with,...

Image by Alex Hairston

Anorexia on Tumblr

Alex Hairston, Reporter March 7, 2024

Over the last decade, anorexia has become an extreme issue within the media. We are seeing more and more people glamorize anorexic behaviors and scrutinize their bodies. Research has shown that during...

Homeless Problem in California Ties to Nevada

Homeless Problem in California Ties to Nevada

Emily Dunbar, Reporter March 7, 2024

California, Las Vegas’ neighbor, has been dealing with a major homeless problem for many years. It’s only gotten worse as years go by. Over 181,000 people in California are homeless, and 13.2% of Californians...

Girls PE playing dodgeball

Sports at LVA

Jayce Rodrigues, Sports at LVA March 7, 2024

Sports and Las Vegas Academy of The Arts are two words that seem like antonyms. For an art school, this isn't out of the ordinary. However, maybe this should be reevaluated. While sports at LVA looks...

Powder and Sun Skate Shop

The History of Skateboarding

Emily Dunbar, Reporter March 7, 2024

Skateboarding has been around since the 1950’s, and as years go on it increases in popularity and reaches more and more of the mainstream. In the US, California is the top state with the most skateboarders,...

Film major Brandon Baez

Film Major Spotlight: Brandon Baez

Hannah Aquino, Reporter March 7, 2024

Brandon Baez is a Film major in 11th grade at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. He shared with us some things he's been enjoying about this school, some recent projects, and the challenges of some projects. “My...

Junior Jessenia Ayon, a theater major, reflects on her daily life as a theater major.

A Day in the Life of a Theater Major

Cosmo Kitchen, Reporter March 7, 2024

Theater majors have a lot of work in performances and rehearsals, but what is that process really like? What do theater majors do in their spare time? Here is a look behind the curtain.  A theater...

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