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The player is encouraged to look up because of the structure of the level.

Level Design In Video Games

Cameron Brian, Reporter May 13, 2024

Video games are a broad medium. New or old, 2D or 3D, alone or with friends, games vary in many different ways. Creating a game is a big task, not only because of the planning, but also because of the...

New Hobbies To Try

New Hobbies To Try

Michelle Yeboah, Reporter May 13, 2024

Summer vacation is right around the corner and with all that free time, there are so many new activities to try out. Whether out of boredom or just wanting something new to do, there are many different...

Kyrie Larson, a resident of Nevada at the Las Vegass off roading ATV tours.

Fun Date Ideas To Do In Las Vegas

Aria Celentano, Reporter May 12, 2024

With summer approaching and with new couples and friends starting to emerge post prom season, some might be wondering where some fun places to go might be. Las Vegas is filled with awesome places to go...

What Makes A Good Story

What Makes A Good Story

Cosmo Kitchen, Reporter May 10, 2024

From Harry Potter to Romeo And Juliet, stories have been around for millennia, fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, and history, sci-fi, and stories of the past. These stories litter our everyday lives but what...

Album cover to Concrete Boys’ debut album, Its Us Vol. 1 which released April 5, 2024. The cover depicts all 5 members of the Atlanta based group, as an introduction to who they are all as individuals and as a collective.

It’s Us Vol. 1 – Concrete Boys

Emma Tolbert, Reporter May 6, 2024

Atlanta-based rapper Lil Yachty is keeping rap collectives alive with his newest project, Concrete Boys. For years, Yachty has repetitively used the ad-lib “crete” to describe someone concrete. Being...

All rights given to original TikTok creators and their content.

Little Girls And Retinol: The Anti-Aging Crisis, An Epilogue

Eliana Wehrle, Reporter May 6, 2024

Beginning of an End   This article concludes the saga of “Little Girls and Retinol: The Anti-Aging Crisis,” performing as a general event connection and summarization of the “Sephora girls”...

A choice presented to the player in The Stanley Parable.

Can Video Games Be A Form Of Art

Cameron Brian, Reporter May 6, 2024

Video games come in many different shapes and forms. Some games tell stories; others are just a fun experience. Some are light-weight and require only a couple of hours for the full experience, and others...

Are You The Same On Social Media and In Real Life?

Are You The Same On Social Media and In Real Life?

Lauren Gomez, Reporter May 6, 2024

Are you the same on social media as you are in real life? On social media you may see people with the lifestyle you want, with a body you want, with the stuff you want, or with the face that you want....

Images retrieved from shuttered-gallery on Tumblr. Graphic created by Khai Huynh.

Is the tool of AI potentially becoming poisonous to the arts industry?

Khai Huynh, Reporter April 19, 2024

As new technologies arise, so does the concern of industries being replaced by these technologies. Artificial intelligence (AI) is among the most widely discussed topics. Even previously thought unreplaceable...

The Origin Of Tea

The Origin Of Tea

Stellar Slentz-Baeb, Reporter April 17, 2024

Tea is a beverage enjoyed by almost every culture around the world, but where did it come from? Although "tea time" stands as an established British custom, tea actually predates Great Britain by centuries,...

In a New York City subway station a train operator says hello March 11, 2024.

People of New York City [Photo Essay]

Violet Gude, Content Editor April 2, 2024

The Way I See the World I haven't been many places yet, but in the few that I have I've learned to love each and every one of them. In discovering and doing street photography, I've been provided a...

Album cover to producer Metro Boomin’s new collaboration album with Future, We Dont Trust You produced alongside Allen Ritter, and Republic Records.

We Dont Trust You – Future & Metro

Emma Tolbert, Reporter March 28, 2024

Atlanta based producer Leland Wayne, known professionally as Metro Boomin,  dropped his collaboration album with rap/hip-hop artist Future after teasing songs from the album over the last month. In Early...

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