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People’s Prejudice on Dance Majors at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

People’s Prejudice on Dance Majors at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

Sara Weber, Reporter September 20, 2022

This August, Accolade journalists went around the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (LVA), asking non-dance and dance majors questions about the different stereotypes attached to people in the dance conservatory....

Asian Student Union club

Asian Student Union club

Violet Gude and Allyson Nash September 16, 2022

This year LVA welcomed the Asian Student Union (ASU) as a new club, formerly known as the Filipino American (Fil-Am) club last year. Junior Raylen Rose Oliveros started the Fil-Am club last year and following...

Mia Yager’s experiences with acting outside of school.

Mia Yager’s experiences with acting outside of school.

Carmen Larreynaga-Amaya, Reporter September 16, 2022

A student was interviewed here on the campus of LVA to get their insight on acting opportunities outside of school, as well as any organizations/groups they may be involved in outside of school. They were...

Image by Kelsy Iniguez

Thoughts on the New Grading Policy

Kelsy Iniguez, Reporter September 16, 2022

Recently, the new grading policy has been controversial among students and teachers here at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. As of this year, the grading policy has gone from 90% summative and 10% formative...

Image created by Addison Williams.

Life is Beautiful

Addison Williams, Author September 16, 2022

Have you heard of Life is Beautiful? If you haven’t, this is your chance to maybe learn something new and buy tickets. Life is Beautiful is a world-renowned music festival that takes place in Downtown...

The New Dress Code and The Changes it Makes for Students.

The New Dress Code and The Changes it Makes for Students.

Temperatures here in Las Vegas are getting a little crazy. Here at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (LVA), the staff and administrators hold us to a higher standard. This is a school with rich history and...

What is Your Favorite Instrument

What is Your Favorite Instrument

Faith Lugo, Reporter September 16, 2022

Las Vegas Academy Accolades students sent out a survey on Aug. 25, asking the question, “What is your favorite instrument?” As the school year began, students became curious about the current mindsets...

Image created by Emma Tolbert

Injury and Wellness

Emma Tolbert, Reporter September 12, 2022

Not only is LVA home to artists but also to club sports and individual sports players as well. One of the most common events in sports is injury. Not only does injury affect students' ability to succeed...

A group of BSU students pose for the camera

What has LVA’s Black Student Union been up to?

Journey Burris, Kahlan Hoyt, and Josie Child September 12, 2022

Eddye Ny’iel, a 12th grade dance major, is the President of Las Vegas Academy’s Black Student Union. BSU meetings are held every Friday. Pitts explains that “BSU meets in K18, Knapp, in Ms. Taglienti’s...

Jaidan Palmer, Student Council Class President

Meet the student body president of LVA

Kaidyn Kuzyk, Reporter September 9, 2022

Jaidan Palmer is our student body president for the 2022-2023 school year. She is a dance major and an active member of the student council. When interviewed ,this is what she had to say about how...

Jennifer Gordon working hard in class.

Senior Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Gordon

Ethan Andrew, Connor Hollister, Ava McClure, and Daniel Bryan September 8, 2022

There are countless talented visual art majors at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (LVA) who don’t get the attention they deserve. After seeing how many seniors in the art department haven't gotten the...

P.A.C.E. students and teachers take a quick break from their hectic day, much of which is spent managing the student store in the cafeteria.

P.A.C.E. Sets the Bar for Community Involvement

Taylor Johnson, Editor-in-Chief May 26, 2022

Taylor Johnson, the 2022-2023 Editor in Chief of Accolades, interviews the hard-working and dedicated teachers and students who are part of this innovative program that not only teaches skills for workplace...

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