Threads Debuts This Week


Threads poster designed by Delaney Otjes.

Kayla Clemente, Editor-in-Chief

Las Vegas Academy’s Dance Drama, Threads, will be performing on December 9, 10, 11, 17, and 18 at 7 P.M. in the Lowden Theatre. Threads is an original piece directed by Ms. Huggins with Elements 2 dance majors and a few theatre majors.
Here is what Zarhet Ibarra, a senior theatre major, had to say about the show: “I’m most excited to make people feel and understand the subliminal message within it. And not only that, but also the big beautiful pictures that we are painting, along with the hidden gems that are within the words that me, Ella, and Michaela say. Also the way the dancers move and how they transition into something else… it’s almost like taking puzzle pieces and creating their own interpretation with the art that Ms. Huggins created for us.”
The experience between theatre shows and dance concerts can be extremely different. Zarhet Ibarra mentions that she feels honored to be working with the dance department and Ms. Huggins. She continues to say that, “…she [Ms. Huggins] communicates so well with us. There’s no empty spaces as an actor, because sometimes as an actor, you have to fill in a lot of the blanks for yourself and you have to make bold choices. Making those bold choices can be difficult from time to time. Which just makes everything so much easier as an actor to know exactly what the story is and what the message is that she wants to convey.”
With that being said, you don’t want to miss out on LVA’s dance drama this year!