Club Spotlight: National Honor Society


National Honor Society’s 2021-2022 yearbook photo.

Taylor Johnson, Reporter

National Honor Society has long since been an academic goal for a large number of students. It is seen as a sign of academic excellence and since 1948 students have been inducted into this revered society. Now that it’s 2021, the rules have changed a bit and most students only wish to be involved for the title on a resume. The work involved with being an active member is deserving of the pretty words on a piece of paper for future employers, however. A grueling 10 hours of community service are required every semester for active members of the club.

Club adviser Mr. Mutzhaus says, “It’s all to see what the kids do for the community. It’s really important to make change the best you can and the unique ways that they find on their own plus the ways that we do together as a group.”

The requirements for this club have changed a bit over the years, but for students looking to be considered for induction, this is what you should aim for. “A 3.5 unweighted GPA. And then like no academic issues, no dean’s office problems, basically being an upstanding member of the school.”

Future NHS members can look forward to a variety of different things, but a few things in specific include, “They can look forward to just kind of see how many of them there are, like there’s a lot of people you can meet with similar interests and similar standards. Similar drive. Everybody in there is a good student, is upstanding in the community but it’s also just a good way to meet friends.”

This club will continue to be a staple at schools across the globe and it will continue to be something to strive for in students.