Review: Don’t Look Up


Amelia Barnum, Reporter

Don’t Look Up, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawerance, and Meryl Streep, is the newest film to hit Netflix. The film follows two astronomers who make a remarkable discovery, a comet. The only problem is that the comet is hurtling towards Earth. When the two scientists begin to warn people, the world’s reaction is “meh .” With a brilliant idea and an award-winning cast, this film promised to be an exciting dark comedy. However, many critics and audiences were split on praising or condemning the finished product upon release.

It should be noted that the performances in this movie are fantastic. Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawerance, and Meryl Streep bring comedic characters to life. However, that is expected from such A-list actors. The supporting cast is also exceptional and provides a fun atmosphere.

However, stellar performances cannot save this film from a confusing story and muddled tone. The premise itself is entertaining enough, but the movie has no direction regarding what themes it wants to explore. It juggles scientific responsibility, corporate hierarchy, ignorance, greed, and family in a fast manner to where you don’t know if you should be laughing or thinking.

In addition, the movie fails in its direction. At first glance, the film was an enjoyable dark comedy, but there was a clear imbalance of atmospheres when it started. Nowhere is this more prominent than in the ending. The ending, as well as the end credit scenes, are the most frustrating and tone-killing. The final act sums up the film’s tonal issues. The original ending leaves off on a serious and depressing final note; however, the end credit scenes gut the entire movie by destroying the seriousness of Earth’s annihilation. It feels like two different directors with two unconnected visions battled for creative control. It’s both frustrating and laughable.

All in all, the fantastic cast cannot save this film from an incoherent script. It is a great idea; however, the film would’ve succeeded with a clearer vision. So, the film Don’t Look Up is a don’t watch for now.