Spotlight: Mr. Mutzhaus


Mr. Mutzhaus poses before the mural in his room.

Caroline Laurent and Ethan Tighe

Justified or not, many students claim social studies classes are boring. However, if you have Mr. Mutzhaus, social studies will likely become one of, if not your favorite class. When asked to describe Mr. Mutzhaus in two words, Madisyn Wilds, a senior dance major, said “entertaining and caring.” Wilds also said, “He made me want to learn about a subject that I didn’t have any interest in learning about. You can tell he really cares about what he’s teaching.”

Many students enjoy the company of Mr. Mutzhaus greatly and there isn’t a single frown when his name is mentioned between students. When walking into his class, his room feels warm and welcoming, and you will most likely be greeted by an anime theme song of his choice. There isn’t a day at school where he isn’t dressed in his fanciest attire paired with a Spiderman mug in hand. When asked about what he enjoys in his free time, he said, “A lot of my free time I spend with the charity I help run called Critical Care Comics. So we visit kids in hospitals dressed as superheroes and give them comics and toys and it’s almost like a second job.”

Despite this only being his first year here, Mr. Mutzhaus is highly involved in the school and all it has to offer, and his time spent here has been nothing but positive. When asked about his experience here so far at LVA he said, “It’s definitely a different culture, since every student is here for some kind of art or skill or something like that. Even just walking around the halls feels different. All in good ways. I really think the culture kids bring to the school makes a huge difference. It’s sweet”

When it comes to core classes, many students look the other way, or just sit and wait for their lunch period to begin. However, with the enlightenment Mr. Mutzhaus brings to a classroom, it’s hard for a student to not have fun in his class.