Spotlight: Mr. Acosta


Amelia Barnum and Tiaira Barnes

Have you ever wondered who’s in charge of creating the sets behind the scenes? Or who makes sure each production goes on without a hitch? Mr. Acosta strives to bring LVA’s Theater Department to life. Mr. Acosta’s career is busy as it takes time to set up every production. He is by far a teacher who gets less attention. Now it’s time to bring him out into the spotlight. This is the life of Mr. Acosta.

We asked a student to recall a memorable moment about Mr. Acosta. The student, Taylor Johnson, recalls, “He’s…super open to letting people…use his office if they need it to like for small tech meetings, stuff like that. He’s just always been very chill and open to helping in any way he can.” With such a laid-back personality it is easy to see why students adore Mr. Acosta. Clearly, Mr. Acosta leaves a positive impression on anyone.

Later on, we met with Mr. Acosta to learn more about the Tech Department’s teachers. We asked, “What do you do outside of school?” he responded, “I wish they knew how much studying it takes to teach a tech class. Because everybody in tech [acts] like they’re experts in their realms. We all have to learn about the areas outside of that and we will teach that so a lot of my time is spent…learning about lighting and because I’m not used to primitive lighting…” Even as a teacher, Mr. Acosta is still learning along with his students.

Additionally, we asked him, “What do you love about LVA the most?” He responded, “I think how passionate you guys are as students. I see it in other schools and other theater programs where people take the classes and elective, [but] you guys are actually here to do theater, so you guys are willing to put in the time that it takes to actually get these productions up and running. Seeing your guy’s passion is great.”

Tech teachers are often overshadowed and remain behind the scenes. However, there is no denying that Mr. Acosta’s work on plays and with his students has made an impact. Mr. Acosta truly deserves more attention.