Local Artists: Featuring Taylor McIntosh

Kayla Clemente, Editor-in-Chief

Hey, LVA, welcome to a new series about Local Music Artists. Do you want to get to know who these people are and support them? Well, lucky for you, you can find them through these series! 

Today’s local artist features Taylor McIntosh. He writes, sings, and produces all of his music. Talk about a triple threat right there! He taught himself to sing and write at the age of 16 and started mixing and mastering his own music by the age of 19. 

When asked, what inspires him, he replied, “Anything and everything. I think love and heartbreak is a big one for most songwriters, but I get inspired by the littlest things. Like the color of the walls in my room, or the specific smell of a place, or a chord on the piano. Hell, sometimes I’m just showering and I start humming a melody and I go ‘that’s it! I gotta write that now!’”

Alongside creating his own music, he is also in a band. He says, “For now we have come up with the name NorthTown, but it is not set in stone. Honestly, we just thought it sounded cool, but I also live on the more Northside of Vegas.” 

His band contains a total of 5 people. A bassist, guitarist, pianist, drummer, and 2 singers. Taylor and his sister, Saree McIntosh, who also has her own music, switch from playing the keys to singing, Taylor will also occasionally play the guitar while singing. Their current go-to songs are, “Kilby Girl, and our own rendition of a song called Under The Milky Way.”

You’d think Taylor’s talents would stop there, but they don’t. Taylor also acts on the side and breakdances. He says that breakdancing “has sort of become my party trick. My girlfriend always makes me breakdance at every party we go to.”

The impact music has brought to Taylor’s life is quite incredible. He says, “ It’s given me not only a purpose but relief. It’s brought me so much joy. I can’t even explain. The only thing I can say is I need music like the way I need air in my lungs to live.” 

If you’d like to listen to Taylor’s newest single, “To Whatever End” and his other songs, they are out on all platforms under his name, Taylor McIntosh. You can also follow his music journey on his Instagram: @ItsTaylorMcIntosh.