Local Artists: Featuring Kobe Jay

Kayla Clemente, Editor-in-Chief

Hey, LVA, welcome to the series of Local Music Artists. There are many musicians around the world but did you know that Las Vegas also has many talented artists? Want to get to know who these people are to support them? Well, lucky for you, you can find them through this series! 

Today’s local artist features Kobe Jay. He is currently an LVA student who loves “the ‘click’ moment when a lyric feels just right and rolls off the tongue and you know that’s the one. I usually jump around and my heart skips a few times when it happens.” 

Kobe Jay writes, sings, and produces his own music. He says that lately it’s been hard to find the “time to make songs because… there are only 24 hours in a day,” which isn’t enough time for him and many others [like myself]. He also says that “writers/beat block really beats me down.” 

Although Kobe may struggle to find some time to constantly write, he says that music has impacted his life incredibly. He says, “I can’t go through my everyday life without it, I live and breathe it. My brain constantly has a song playing and my body is always moving to its beat…”

A great way that he shows his love through music is through his lyrics. He says, “There is a lyric I wrote that says ‘There’s music in my head so I can sleep at night’ and I think that explains…” how his life is filled with music all throughout the day and night.

When asked where he saw himself in 10 years, he replied, “Performing on a stage with a big crowd with my eyes closed, feeling the warm air around me and hearing the voices in the audience cheering and singing along to my songs.”

Not only does Kobe have his own music, but he is also in a band called Kobe’s Room. Kobe’s Room consists of 3 members; Kobe Jay himself, Kyle Reiss, and Juan Rosales. When asked where they all met he says, “I’m related to Kyle [brother] and Juan is my brother’s best friend. I met Juan years ago through Kyle.” 

Kobe says that all three of the members sing. He also provides “the beat, instrumentals, guitar, and bass.” He continues to say, “Juan provides lyrics and guitar ideas while Kyle provides lyrics and vocals.”

Kobe just recently released a new song called “She’s at Her House” which is out on all platforms under the name Kobe Jay. You can also find his band’s music under Kobe’s Room.