Valentine’s Day: Take it or leave it?


Elijah Hicks, Reporter

Valentine’s Day was a success. All the love, teddy bears, candies and balloons caused people to go wild. Valentine’s Day was created to celebrate the romance and love within relationships. Here are some fellow LVA students’ and teachers’ opinions on Valentine’s Day. 

“I think it’s a lovely holiday, I love gift giving because gift-giving is my love language and it’s really nice to display affection to my loved ones,” says Estefania Valladares, a freshman dance major. 

In agreement, Mr. Suave said, “I think people need to take time to express to other people that they care for them. Whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend or a true love. I think there are not enough opportunities in a year, a month or a day to reach out to people and tell them they’re valuable to us.” Some of our world just loves this day but others not so much. For singles, why care about a day of love?

Lucas Taber, a freshman piano major, says, “I hate it. We used to get off for it. That was the best part.” According to, Americans send 145 million Valentine’s Day cards each year and spend millions of dollars on gifts for their pets. A group of kids at LVA were asked, “If you had to pick a favorite holiday, would it be Valentine’s Day?“ More than half of the students and teachers said no. Their opinions differed from being single to just having to watch others get gifts from significant others.   Mr. Whitfield, a teacher from the LVA dance department says, “It’s dumb if you don’t have a significant other.” Valentine’s Day can be such a good experience for some but for others not so much. What’s your opinion on Valentine’s Day?

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