Spotlight: Mr. Rivera

When we asked students what makes Mr.Rivera stand out, the answers consisted of him being a very cool teacher. One student, Hayde Muniz said, “He’s fun and he actually talks with other students and he’s just pretty chill.”

Luis Soto, a student in Mr. Rivera’s class, says he  enjoys Mr.Rivera’s class because “he likes to do his own thing and make it enjoyable.” 

All of these interviews are evidence of the love that students have for a teacher who teaches them music on a regular basis.

During this interview, Mr. Rivera spoke to us in a very relaxing manner which made us as students very relaxed around him. We asked questions and throughout the conversation, one answer really stood out to us. 

When we asked him what was his favorite thing about LVA he replied “ My favorite thing about teaching is the moment that students actually get the light bulb goes off and you can see it in their eyes that they actually understand. It makes the struggle 100% worth it.”

As one of the music directors at LVA, Mr. Rivera always maintains a positive outlook on everything and is clearly seen dedicating his time to teaching his students music.