Comment Wednesday: Apple Juice or Orange Juice?


Sydney Polednak, Reporter

Apples and oranges are notoriously similar but different. A glass of orange juice (100g) has 45 calories and an apple has 46. There are many benefits to both fruits and juices. Apple juice is lighter in protein, heavier in carbs, and similar to orange juice for fat. Orange juice is known to have large amounts of vitamin C and has nearly double the potassium of apple juice. Orange juice is highly acidic, which in large amounts can damage the teeth, while apple juice isn’t. Despite that, the vitamin amount in orange juice could massively outweigh the benefits of apple juice.

However, most vitamins and mineral benefits are an afterthought when it comes to deciding your drink. Do you want the tang of orange juice or the overt sweetness of apple? A survey in 2019 by Statista claimed 69% of people favor apple over orange juice despite the benefits of orange.

I ask you, Academy students, teachers, and staff, to comment below to put this debate to rest.