Review: Twenty Five Twenty One


Screenshot of the Netflix Trailer on YouTube with Na Hee-Do in the foreground.

Jocelyn Cruz-Ramirez, Reporter

Twenty Five Twenty One is a K-drama that was released on Netflix on February 12, 2022, and is ending on April 3, 2022. The show goes back and forth between the past and present.

The present follows the daughter of the main character who is reading her mother’s diary from when she was in high school. The past follows a young high school girl named Na Hee-Do who is pursuing her big dreams of becoming a fencer on a national team and follows a young man in his early 20s named Baek Ijin whose father just declared bankruptcy and has to learn how to get back up on his feet all on his own.

The two main characters have amazing chemistry that can be felt through the screen. Na Hee-Do is a high schooler and Baek Yi jin is in his twenties so it would be inappropriate for the characters to get together at this point in their lives. But the show does a really good job at keeping the relationship appropriate between them while also still giving them that connection that viewers love to see.

Na Hee-Do is a cute and inspiring character throughout the show. After losing her father and her school deciding to cut fencing because of the budget, Na Hui-Do still pushed herself in every possible way to try and achieve her dreams in fencing. The actress, Kim Tae-ri, does a good job at making the viewers feel the frustration and anger she has towards the people around her and in the situations she is put in. You cannot help but feel upset about the way the character is treated in the first couple of episodes. 

The drama has not come to an end yet. With only two episodes left, Twenty Five Twenty One is becoming a fan favorite among viewers for having relatable characters and relatable topics discussed throughout the show. From grieving to the feeling of being numb and life going in a continuous circle, each character has their own problems and feelings that are all very different but all are valid feelings that young viewers can relate to.