Review: A Night With Silk Sonic by Bruno Mars


Zoey Carmody, Reporter

Bruno Mars, a well-known pop icon, has released a new album titled A Night With Silk Sonic. Before this, Mars had released many well-known albums like 24k Magic and The Lost Planet, which have led him to the success he has now. A Night With Silk Sonic was officially released on November 12th, 2021. Fans of Bruno Mars have long waited for this release as his last album was released in 2016. I believe the audience was pleasantly surprised by this new pop, R&B sound.

The album consists of 10 songs, starting strong with Silk Sonic Intro, which introduces his iconic groovy sound and finishes with a retro-sounding announcement,  welcoming Silk Sonic. Soon after the album was released certain songs quickly grew to be loved and appreciated by tik tok users who blew up certain pieces of his songs like Smokin Out the Window and Silk Sonic Intro. This boosted the overall popularity of his album.

After listening to some of the lyrics in this new album, you can tell that Mars has shifted from his light-hearted young side to a slightly more mature language in his music. Some of his fans were surprised by these new lyrics that show a different side to him we have never seen before, the most shocking being the lyrics in Smoking Out the Window. Also, in the song, Mars sings, “How could she do this to me? (How? How could she do this?) Oh, I thought that girl belonged to only me.” These lyrics are debasing a relationship in which a past relationship didn’t work out. He sings about spoiling her in every way possible yet he still finds himself being alone. These lyrics give an inside look at Mars’s love life.

In conclusion, this new album was a big hit that his new fans welcomed and adored. The long wait was worth it for these new songs that are perfect to listen to whenever you are. Fans hope to see more stuff like this from Bruno in the future.