Review: 33 Album

Stefan Vujnovic, Reporter

Luis Miguel’s album 33 was released on September 30th, 2003. It is a mix of pop, uptempo songs, with emotional ballads with the theme of the album being romance. With 11 tracks on the album, Luis Miguel worked with multiple songwriters including Armando Manzanero, Salo Loyo, Francisco Loyo, Kike Santander, Juan Luis Guerra, Edgar Cortazar, Ernesto Cortazar, and Alejandro Asensi. Recorded in Hollywood, California, Luis Miguel wanted this album to be a reflection of himself and some of the things he felt at a young age.

A complex life story, from beginning his singing career at an extremely young age, to touring the world with his abusive father, and later in his teenage years, his mother disappearing, Luis Miguel used his arduous backstory to help compose these songs. Not just connecting to romantic relationships, but also to family relationships. This album is similar to his album named Romance which was released in 1991. Both have the same themes but were made at different stages of his life. As he went through multiple relationships his perspective changed and kept writing music so listeners can have something to relate to. 

“Te Necesito,” which translates to “I need you,” was the first single released from the album on September 3, 2003. It is an uptempo pop song with Miguel explaining his need for this person through analogies and poetic writing. “Yo te necesito como el aire que respiro, como huella en el camino, como arena al coral” translates to “I need you like the air I breathe like a footprint on the road, like sand to coral.” 

There are songs on the album that are less energetic and more of a ballad, still fitting the theme of romance. In “Que Hacer,” Luis Miguel sings about how he is lost and asks what to do when he feels pain when his lover leaves him. “Si siento que no puedo remediar este dolor” translates to “If I feel that I cannot remedy this pain.” Luis Miguel layers his vocals in the chorus, using his incredible vocal range to take the listeners to his point of view. 

Overall, this album performs well in translating his messages, emphasizing emotional standpoints on relationships and life events that occur. Being his fifteenth album, Luis Miguel does not disappoint with it being nominated for two Grammy awards.