Henderson Pride Festival

Ana Green, Reporter

Henderson Pride Festival is happening on June 10th and 11th at Galleria Mall after temporarily being canceled due to a dispute between the city. At first, the city was funding the event, and it was originally scheduled to occur on Water Street. The city’s funding meant that the festival would take place on a larger scale and even include a parade. The city decided to pull out as a sponsor because they hoped for a more family-friendly event. Now more than ever, the community came together to make this event happen.

The Henderson Pride Fest executive director, Chris Davin, planned to use the money to secure the large space on Water Street, but since the funding was taken out, Davin struggled to put together plan B. After speaking to many different resources, he was finally able to secure a production company and land at Galleria mall. Davin was really grateful that they stepped in during a time like this.

Chris Davin made it very clear how important it was that the city of Henderson continued to push through and make this event happen. June is a month where many diverse communities come together, and they need a place to be encouraged to do this. The reason why June is pride month is to pay homage to all of the awful treatment and lives lost during the Stone Wall raid on the morning of June 28th, 1969. In history, the LGBTQIA+ community has faced so much discrimination, and now as a society, this is an important step in the right direction. Taking steps like Pride Fest is very significant to show the world equal treatment and opportunities for all, no matter who they are. 

Henderson Pride Fest will include a variety of entertainment, artists, and food vendors. The AIDS Health Foundation will also provide free HIV testing for attendees, and the Southern Nevada Health District will provide health screenings. This event is also very cost-effective as the highest VIP ticket costs $85 while the general admission can go as low as $0. If you are over 18, though, be prepared to pay $5 for general admission, those who are under 18 are free! 



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