Comment Wednesday: Are Aliens Real?

George Bentley Lagason, Reporter

Note: We did not have a regular Comment Wednesday this week, but comments made will still be entered into a drawing to win a flamingo pool float. Results will be announced next week.

Aliens! That’s a hot topic that a lot of people, including my own dear mother, talk about dearly. I personally feel that I should break the silence and tell our dear viewers which side of the camp I fall on.

I, George Bentley Lazarte Lagason, writer of this piece, cool guy extraordinaire, believe aliens are out there. There are several reasons I feel why they are real and even… AMONG US!? I present here today three points why aliens exist.

First off, I believe that the universe is too big for us to be the only form of life there. There has to be some other form of life out there that is intelligent. It would be naive to think that we are the only ones here.

Second, we haven’t explored everywhere there is. Of course, so far, we haven’t found any sightings of direct aliens. HOWEVER, we haven’t exactly explored everywhere and we haven’t exactly confirmed they aren’t out there.

My third point is basically that we have found potentially habitable planets. If those exist out there for human life, other life forms gotta live there y’know? Like we could just be filming someone’s home.

Now some of you may be looking at your screen confused. Don’t fear, as I’ll address the elephant in the room. I had mentioned at the beginning of the piece that they may be living among us. Some people may dispute that but here’s the thing. We haven’t explored all of our own planet so you know we haven’t even been able to explore everywhere of in space. Many sightings of UFOs or unidentified creatures have been spotted all over the world. Who’s to say they aren’t aliens that are now hiding out on earth.

Those are enough reasons from me though. How about you guys? What do you think? Are aliens real? Do you think they’re among us? Or do you think I’m absolutely crazy in my talk? Let me know down in the comments.