LVA Jazz Unplugged – A Reflection on the Year



The empty stage before the concert.

On Thursday, May 12th, we had the pleasure of photographing and viewing the final Jazz concert of the year and this major certainly doesn’t disappoint. LVA jazz has had quite the year of success, and with the final jazz concert coming to a close, you’d think it would be over for this hard-working major but they have plenty of opportunities ahead. 

These productive students have shown their dedication time and time again over the course of this year. As a result of their persistence, Jazz was able to attend the Midwest Clinic, win two Downbeat Awards in the process, and have the opportunity to open for Michael Feinstein.

The day after their final concert, Jazz 3 opened for Micheal Feinstein at the Lou Ruvo Center and according to the Jazz director, Mr. Bowen, “Paul and Sue Lowden asked us to participate in opening up for Michael Feinstein Gala that was supporting the American Songbook Foundation.” To give a brief overview, the American Songbook Foundation does its hardest to preserve the music history of America and continue to build on it. Having the LVA Jazz band perform at this event was no small feat and this gala included all sorts of fanciness, so it was an honor to have Jazz 3 perform. 

During a delightful interview, two concentrated jazz majors reflected on their accomplishments this year. When asking Carlin Troska, a senior Jazz major, what she felt about her final concert, she replied, “It’s feeling really bittersweet. We just had rehearsal and Bowen told us to take a look at the theater, just take it in and how for some of us, it’s going to be the last time playing in the theater.” However, this was not the end for these students. Through May and part of June, you can catch LVA’s Jazz combo groups performing in Jazz In the Park at the Clark County Government Center Amphitheater.

Along with the successful Midwest trip, Jazz 3 and Combo Prime winning a Downbeat Award was the true product of determined students and amazing talent. Austin Konig, a senior Jazz major who’s in Combo Prime, was asked about the process of recording for the Downbeat and he said, “My favorite thing about it was recording. We were able to actually record in a professional studio and hear what a final product would sound like versus a live setting. So, it was really eye-opening to hear that.”

Jazz has had a variety of accomplishments throughout the year, but ultimately everything must come to an end. From “Night Creatures” to the Feinstein Gig, this major has gone above and beyond, making this next year highly anticipated.