Review: Call Me If You Get Lost By Tyler The Creator


Zoey Carmody, Reporter

Tyler The Creator, a well-known hip hop/R&B artist released the new album, “Call Me If You Get Lost.” Before this, Tyler had released many well-known albums like,
“Flower Boy,” “Cherry Bomb,” and “Goblin,” which have led him to the success he has now. “Call Me If You Get Lost” was officially released on June 25, 2021. Tyler fans have
long awaited this release as his last album was made in 2017.

I believe the audience was pleasantly surprised by his new sound in this album. The album consists of 16 songs, starting strong with ”Sir Baudelaire” which
introduces his iconic hip-hop sound and finishes with the last lyric, “It’s Tyler Baudelaire.”

Soon after the album was released certain songs quickly grew to be loved and appreciated by tik tok users who blew up certain pieces of his songs like “LemonHead” and “Juggernaut” which boosted the overall popularity of the album.

After listening to some of the lyrics, I find many similarities between this album to his previous albums. His lyrics are often deep and have meaning beyond what he is simply saying.

He’s known for rap that isn’t stereotypical street rap but has more of an alternative vibe. This album very well encompasses that idea.

In conclusion, this new album was a big hit that his new fans welcomed and adored. The long wait was worth it for these new songs that are perfect to listen to whenever you are. Fans hope to see more work like this from Tyler in the future.