Senior Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Gordon


Daniel Bryan

Jennifer Gordon working hard in class.

There are countless talented visual art majors at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (LVA) who don’t get the attention they deserve. After seeing how many seniors in the art department haven’t gotten the chance to showcase their talent, we wanted to hand over the paintbrush to Jennifer Gordon. 

Gordon, a senior digital illustration major, has been practicing art for 8 years and she has been at LVA for her entire high school career. “My style’s become a lot cleaner. And I’ve gotten better at subconsciously choosing compositions and how to make things work better,” Gordon said about how her digital art has improved at LVA.

When asked why she chose digital art over other visual media, Gordon said, “I found it a lot easier to use and more portable because it was online and there were a lot more features to it, which would be fun to play around.” In addition to that, she said,  “I don’t really like getting my hands dirty with traditional things like charcoal pencils and all that stuff.”

Even though Gordon doesn’t plan to pursue a career in art in the future, she still wants to improve her craft and continue her art as a hobby. Some of her art pieces are displayed below.