People’s Prejudice Against Dance Majors at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

Sara Weber, Reporter

This August, Accolade journalists went around the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (LVA), asking non-dance and dance majors questions about the different stereotypes attached to people in the dance conservatory. Many students have heard one or two negative typecasts about dance majors, whether about their clothes or personality. Many have reported seeing the same stereotype in dancers at LVA. As journalists, we are looking into this situation to see if the stereotypes are true or false. 

Interviewed dance major, Natalia Vargas was the first to give her view. Vargas explained the different stereotypes that have been heard about dance majors on a daily basis.

“I feel like we’re also very dramatic and that’s why everybody doesn’t like us and thinks of us in different ways,” Vargas said. In addition to that, Vargas said, “I feel like sometimes dance majors are really nice, but then some are really what you stereotype about them. They are exactly what you think they are but most of us aren’t like that.” 

Chris Hayes, Theater Major, was also interviewed on the subject. He talks about the stereotypes he has come across regarding dancers at LVA. “ A lot of them tend to have Lululemon. They also tend to have blonde hair. They also tend to drink Starbucks as well.” Hayes said. Hayes talks about his views on dance majors, “ I don’t think you can really group them all into one. There are some good ones and some bad ones.”

In conclusion, there are many different opinions on dance majors. It just depends on someone’s experience