Inktober 2022

Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (LVA) is home to various types of artists, who are all looking for inspiration. Look no further because all artists can participate in a spooky season event called Inktober. Inktober has a list of drawing prompts corresponding to each day in October. If you’re a visual arts major or just an artist looking for ideas, give Inktober a try. 

In 2009, an artist named Jake Parker created Inktober as a method of improving his inking skills. The challenge also serves as a method of promoting positive artistic habits on a daily basis. Since its creation, Inktober has become a worldwide phenomenon that thousands of artists participate in every year, with official prompt lists beginning in 2016. 

The rules of Inktober are relatively simple; make a drawing in ink (pencil can be used underneath or the art can be made digitally) and post about it using the hashtag #Inktober. 

All students are encouraged to get involved with the festivities and try their hand at drawing something spooky. Comment your favorite prompt from this year below and email [email protected] to be featured. A slideshow will be featured here with art submissions emailed to the address above. 

Here is this year’s prompt list and the specific guidelines, although you don’t have to follow them strictly to use the prompts.