Paris Fashion Week’s Biggest Attraction: Coperni SS23



Bella Hadid Closing for Coperni SS23

Katie Ngo, Reporter

Coperni delivered one of the biggest fashion moments of this season. Their collection this season was named Coperni Femme after their first collection back in 2015. With the moment lasting seven minutes and closing the runway, it’s going viral.

While closing the Coperni show, Bella Hadid walked wearing nothing but a nude g-string and heels, with her arm covering her breasts. For about 15 minutes, Hadid was sprayed with a white substance that eventually came to form a dress.

The moment reminded the audience of Shalom Harlow for Alexander McQueen’s Spring 1999 show, also having something sprayed on her. Harlow wore a big white dress while having paint sprayed on her by robots.

Hadid’s dress was made of a liquid fiber in

vented by Dr. Manel Torres, called Fabrican. Once Fabrican is sprayed on, it ends up hardening. Once Hadid’s dress hardened, the supermodel impressed the audience in a perfectly fitted white dress, with a side slit. She had pulled the sleeves down to reveal an off-the-shoulder look. Even with little-to-no makeup on and a simple slicked hair bun, she galvanized everyone.