Club Sports vs. Zoned School Sports

Addison Williams, Reporter

Sports. Specifically, sports at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. Well, there are none, so the question is, how do our students participate in what they love to do, outside of a performing arts school? There are many student-athletes at LVA that fall to their zoned schools, or even club sports to do what they love. There are also many who want to get involved but don’t know how.

Depending on how seriously a student is involved in their sport, they may participate in a club sport. Club sports stand out because they “offer an elevated level of play, and the schedule tends to line up with when college coaches recruit”, as stated by NCSA Sports. On the other hand, a student’s zone school sport may include participating in physical activity at their zoned high school in more of a high school setting level. Especially participating in a performing arts school, balancing the two can be extremely difficult. There are many pros and cons of club sports as well as high school sports. Some benefits of club sports include great results for athletes (opportunities for colleges scholarships), “emotional well-being, character building, self-confidence, time management, social orientation, teamwork skills, prolonged health, learning and development, and leadership ship skills, in the report of High School vs Club Sports: Understanding the benefits.  However, some disadvantages of club sports include time management. Depending on how intense your sport is, it can make school work hard to focus on. It can also affect mental and physical health, determined by the level of commitment an athlete has to their sport.

When it comes to school sports, it can be completely opposite to club sports. Participating in school sports has a different environment when it comes to competition. They tend to offer “a more relaxed competition environment, especially without college coaches constantly evaluating athletes at big club games and sports”, according to the article High School vs Club Sports: Understanding the Benefits. It normally varies in someone’s involvement in their sport. School sports are great, because it gives students a way to connect with others who may go to school somewhere else, or are involved in other education. It is also a great way for students to participate, especially those coming from LVA. It motivates students to earn great grades and is a good distraction from their busy schedules. On the other hand, some cons of school sports include injuries, as well as emotional and mental pressure according to the Noah Webster Educational Foundation. One last disadvantage involving school sports includes the cost. It can be difficult for students to pay the fees that may be required in participating in certain sports.

Many students want to get involved with sports but don’t know how. Depending on preference and how engaged you are in the sport, this application process may vary. To want to participate in zoned schools sports, go to school directly, and address the situation. Specific documents may be required that inform the school of your involvement at LVA, but they will let you know what you may need to continue that process. Club sports have a  bit of a different procedure when applying. There are many websites you can visit that recommend ideas and certain locations for club sports. Las Vegas Youth Sports League is a great place to visit for curiosity about club sports. The suggested categories for school sports only include locations such as Inspirada, Henderson, Mountains Edge, North Las Vegas, and more. There are many ways to get involved, and it’s never too late to start now.

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