Hear it From The Students: 30th Anniversary T-shirts


Kaidyn Kuzyk

Featuring: Ayana Flanagan, Sofia Loretto, Zoe Johnson, and Korin Sjostrom

In honor of Las Vegas Academy’s 30th anniversary, a group of students banded together to help make these shirts a reality. When asked, these students responded with great feedback.

“I thought it was clever. It was really an interesting thing to make. All the shapes were really interesting too and they put good emphasis on the 30th anniversary.” said Samantha Ramirez Gomez, one of the many students who helped make the shirts.

 When suggesting rewards for wearing the shirt, Zoey Johnson said,  “Give them lots of prizes, like the tickets.” Some of the many prizes involved include daily “cut-the-cage” line pass tickets, being entered in the raffles done every month on the 30th free food, and free homecoming tickets. 

“It builds a sense of community because the students are the ones making the shirts,” said Korin (Hunter) Sjostrom. This project united many students and is meant to help others unite in the future by having students match and receive prizes together.