Club spotlight: NAHS


Kahlan Hoyt

NAHS President Georgette Dokken presenting ideas for upcoming club events.

Josie Childs and Kahlan Hoyt

National Art Honor Society, aka NAHS, “is an honor society that’s based around art, [the] entire campus and the whole lifestyle of our campus is based around the arts and getting to express yourself, so this is a club that kind of merges your community service and your grades and your art altogether in one,” says club president and junior Georgette Dokken. 
NAHS covers a wide variety of events and other school activities. When asked about any upcoming events that they are involved in, Dokken says, “The biggest event that is coming up is going to be Artober. So it’s an October, Halloween, Fall-themed event. We’re going to have a haunted house; we’re going to have a couple of different booths to sell things and have a bunch of things going on as well. Other clubs are also invited to participate. It’s going to be a really great opportunity for everyone to celebrate fall as well as a good way for NAHS to raise money.” Artober is happening on October 20 & 21 after school in the VA building, and all proceeds go to support the art department and other clubs on campus. 

“NAHS meets every Thursday from 10:15 to 10:45 in VA101, Ms. Mabel’s room, and after school on Thursdays from 2:00 to 3:45.” When asked about why people should join NAHS, Louis Metz, club historian, says, “People should join NAHS because we are what makes the VA building beautiful. And we throw lots of school events. And we highlight a lot of the smaller majors that don’t get a lot of recognition.” 

NAHS is also a way for visual art majors to express themselves outside of their classes. Deborah Gedeon, a NAHS member, when asked about what inspired her to join the club says, “ Because it’s like a national honor society but for art, and since I’m in the art department doing art and being able to push out other art things. It’s really interesting and really nice to be able to spend it and show everybody what the art department can do.”