The Mental and Physical Effects of Dance

Sara Weber and Nevaeh Quibuyen

Elijah Hicks, grade 10, and Rylie Eenhuis, grade 11, both dance majors at LVA, were interviewed by LVA Accolades staff members about their physical and emotional health regarding their major. Dancers make dancing look easy, but Accolades wanted to know how dance truly affects a person mentally and physically. 

“Dance affects me physically in both ways. Good because it feels good to dance. I love dancing because obviously, I do it every day, and bad because it can physically hurt you. Like knee problems, ankle problems, or feet problems.” said Eenhuis when asked about how dance affects a dancer physically.

When asked about mental health, Hicks stated, “I feel like I dance so much that sometimes I forget that I’m a person with an actual brain that needs to be taken care of.”

After speaking to these artists, the interviewers understood that dance is beyond what it appears. Dancers work diligently, physically and mentally, to develop what they continuously work hard to perfect. Keep it up, dancers.