Kung Fu Tea-Review of Top 10 Drinks

Laynie Bliven, Reporter

In the past month or so I have started my first job at a boba store called Kung Fu Tea. It is a nationwide franchise, and is the number one boba brand in America today. A big part of my job there is trying new drinks, experimenting with flavors, and making the best concoctions for all of the customers to enjoy. When asked what the best drink is by customers, we usually refer to a list of the Top 10 most popular. In this, I will be doing a spin on Kung Fu Tea’s Top 10, and making a personal Top 10 of my own. I will additionally be providing some insight on our staff favorites, common topping pairings, as well as other promotions and new drinks.

Taro Slush (Laynie Bliven)

Taro Slush is one of the most ordered slushes at Kung Fu Tea. It is commonly paired with egg pudding as a topping or just regular boba. While it doesn’t have the texture of real taro, it has the flavor and can be made with real taro if requested. Overall, this is one of my favorite slushes, so I rate it an 8.5/10.

Kung Fu Milk Tea (Laynie Bliven)

Kung Fu Milk Tea is one of the most generic and popular milk teas we have to offer. It is a creamier spin on a classic black tea, and you just can’t go wrong with this. This can be paired with almost any topping and is commonly paired with oreo, regular honey boba, or grass jelly. It is one of the more plain and basic milk teas, and for this reason, I rate it a 7/10.

Honey Oolong Tea (Laynie Bliven)

Honey Oolong Milk Tea is a mix of our Honey Milk Tea, and our Oolong Milk Tea. I put this one on the list because when asked by the customers for a personal recommendation, all of us as a staff can agree on this one as a favorite. This drink is commonly paired with regular honey boba, or as my mom likes it, with coffee-popping boba. Overall, I will rate this drink an 8/10. 

Strawberry Milk (Laynie Bliven)

Strawberry Milk Slush is another one of my favorites to make for myself. It’s a creamy strawberry slush that tastes exactly like Nesquik strawberry milk. This drink is commonly enjoyed by itself, or with regular honey boba. I really enjoy this drink and it’s a personal favorite of mine, so I rate this drink a 9/10.

Mango Snow Slush (Laynie Bliven)

Mango Snow Slush is a creamier version of our original Mango Slush. It makes it more like ice cream or a milkshake, and it is one of my personal favorite slushes. This drink comes with mango jellies as a topping and is also commonly paired with mango popping boba, or regular honey boba. Overall, I would rate this drink an 8.5/10.

Strawberry Lemonade (Laynie Bliven)

Strawberry Lemonade is on the list of the store’s Top 10 recommended drinks. This is another one of my favorite drinks to make myself and is a very popular drink. My favorite thing to top it off with is mango-popping boba. Overall, I rate this drink a 9/10.

Passionfruit Green Tea (Laynie Bliven)

Passionfruit Green Tea is a customer favorite and is in my opinion, one of the better punches from Kung Fu Tea. I am not typically a fan of green tea, but with a little bit of passionfruit syrup, I really enjoy this drink. This drink is best paired with the toppings mango popping boba, or mango jelly. Overall, I recommend this drink, and I rate it a 7/10.

Oreo Wow (Laynie Bliven)

In my opinion, I think that Oreo Wow is the most visually appealing drink on the menu. This drink is a combination of brown sugar, oreo, boba, cocoa powder, and milk. This is a very popular drink at Kung Fu Tea, and many people come in to order this regularly. I really like this drink, so overall I will rate this drink an 8.5/10.

Thai Milk Tea (Laynie Bliven)

Thai Milk Tea is our most popular Milk Tea on the menu. Personally, I do not like Thai Tea, but I put this on the menu because of how frequently ordered this drink is. Thai Milk Tea is most commonly served with honey boba, and because of my opinion on Thai Tea, I only rate this drink a 6/10.

Minion Mischief Slush (Laynie Bliven)


Minion Mischief is one of our recent promotions at Kung Fu Tea. It is a passion fruit lemon slush, rimmed with a salty blue milk cap. I personally do not like this drink at all, because I think that the saltiness of the milk cap mixed with the sweetness of the slush. I was also disappointed that it wasn’t banana flavored, so overall I will rate this drink a 3/10. 

Kiwi Yogurt Slush (Laynie Bliven)