Embracing your features


Carmen Larreynaga

Student painted mural outside the cafeteria.

Carmen Larreynga, Reporter


Makeup is a very interesting concept. It can be used on hundreds of different occasions, in different colors, shades, and skin tones and it really varies on the individual’s likes and dislikes. Makeup can be seen as simple, or heavy, a darker look versus a lighter one. The diversity is absolutely incredible. What really matters is what you feel comfortable in. Not exactly something that defines your beauty, but more like something that enhances the beauty already present.


In the course of my middle school years, the girls surrounding me consistently looked put together. No matter where they were, their eyebrows were nicely done or would have the prettiest eyelashes, but for the most part, it was obvious they could handle makeup rather well. I created the habit of comparing my features with other girls’, they had such gorgeous, full eyebrows and eyelashes, but mine, I hated them. They were embarrassingly thin and had absolutely no shape to them. They were tough to even attempt to clean up. I completely hated my features and would often spend many hours staring in the mirror and could only wish I had a better appearance. I watched and examined many makeup videos as well as asked friends how they achieved their looks. However, that method didn’t make me feel better. That’s when I realized that I had a different problem, one that couldn’t be solved by copying my friends’ routines. That’s when I found my own way of feeling confident. I started buying drugstore products and wasn’t afraid to try new things, little by little it was adding to my confidence. Although looking back, I wasn’t the best and it didn’t always look good, the important thing is that I felt self-assured and positive about myself


Now I would not only say that I have found my style in makeup, but also in the things I do as a whole. I have found a way that looks good on me and that fits my structure. Many of these girls that I briefly mentioned were taught and enlightened by older sisters or experienced moms. I, on the other hand, grew up with two brothers and didn’t have the same opportunities to learn this concept. I didn’t give up and quickly began to feel better about myself. Throughout this journey, I gained an understanding that even if you don’t have a desire to use new things, it can entirely shift your whole perspective and even make it better.