New Teachers At LVA


Cate Cummings

New math teacher Amber Clark (right) and new choir teacher Matthew Ostlie (left)

 As we all know, the environment at LVA is like no other with all of the talent and special events packed into the school. This year, our school welcomes a few new friendly faces around campus. 

At the top of Main, Ms. Clark teaches Reason and Sense Making, College Prep, and Algebra 2. Previously she was a private tutor. Clark brings a fun and lively energy to her classroom every day, introducing “Freestyle Fridays” and “Clark Mart,” a student store where tickets earned through outstanding behavior can be traded for prizes.

 When asked about the difference between LVA and her previous schools, she said, “I love the environment, it’s actually fun to be here…I like the art stuff that goes on. Because previous schools that I did my student teaching at, it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t as fun.”

She is looking forward to figuring out the best ways to help her students be successful for the school year ahead.

Meanwhile, across campus, Mr. Ostlie brings modern and exciting teaching methods to the choir department. Previously being the head of the choir at El Dorado High School, he says that the environment at LVA is, “Fast-paced, hardworking, ambitious and consistent.” 

“These students care about their education, take an investment into their education, and are self-motivated,” said Ostlie.

We are so excited to welcome these new teachers to our LVA community!