A Day in the Life of a Visual Art Major

Conner Hollister and Ethan Andrew

On the LVA campus, visual art majors have less publicity than many other majors. Because they don’t have performances, they are often overlooked. The Accolades staff has decided to take a closer look into the daily life of visual arts students, taking an example from Cheyene Bodine. 

“I mean, I tried to get in a couple hours of sketching, and some refining, I suppose of my artwork, but in general, I’m just a normal person. Nothing, nothing special to it.” Cheyene said when asked about what she does in her day-to-day life. She also stated “My favorite part of it probably just be seeing how my art progresses through the process. Just the results tend to be very pleasing.” She doesn’t draw every day, occasionally taking breaks for herself. 

Being an artist at LVA is a lot of work. When asked about her struggles, she said “It is so hard for me to keep on track of my deadlines with my art because it is so restricted. I really wish there was more looseness in that field. But you got to do what you got to do.” About her classes at LVA, she said, “It varies, but most of the time its teacher instruction and then we normally get to work on art but there’s a lot of times where we get introduced to doing something new and we get to practice like different methods.” 

Recently, Cheyene said they learned about how to set up a gallery in Lowden. There is currently art being displayed there, and we encourage you to take a look at the visual artists’ hard work.