Music in the Quad


Elizabeth Strehl

Pogos Clubhouse performing.

Kahlan Hoyt, Reporter

They say you only get one high school experience so make the most of it, and LVA students sure know how. In the heart of downtown Las Vegas at 10 AM on Friday, students from every major and artistic endeavor head out to the quad for lunch. Only this is not a normal Friday lunch and this is not a normal school, today is an LVA Showcase. 

Started by Student Council, every even Friday, LVA students are invited to watch performances in the quad during lunch, ranging from bands to dance groups. The cool thing is, performers don’t even have to be music majors. ¨First is to kind of highlight student talent that might not be on a formal stage¨, says Ms. Williams, STUCO Advisor, when asked about the reason for starting the showcase. ¨To give a kid who might just be part of an ensemble a chance to step forward and be on the stage and show their talent.¨

George Bentley Lagason singing at the showcase. (Josie Childs)

Giving students who don’t usually take center stage a chance to really shine is what makes this event special. “Making LVA more close-knit, to make students want to be here is the goal,” says Willams. “But also not just singing in bands, we also want artists and monologues and dancers and we want to showcase all kinds of talent.”

To sign up, Student Council has posted flyers around the school with QR Codes for students to scan and has also made posts on their social media. Williams says, ¨As long as they’re not on the ineligible list and they’re in good standing with grades and stuff, they can perform lunch.¨

At a school where arts aren’t just an elective but are celebrated, traditions like these are what students remember when thinking back about their time in high school. Providing more opportunities to make lasting memories is what will make the LVA experience last a lifetime. As LVA Celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year, here’s to many more memories and music to come.