Academic Life & Rankings

Students at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (LVA) are interviewed about their academic school life and ranks. Each student in their graduating class is ranked based on their grades and classes. These rankings are based on their weighted GPAs, the higher-ranked students tend to take more honor and/or AP classes.

 Accolades learn more about the academic life of students, and how they are able to balance their school and private life. Cecilia Melesio, Junior, and Josh Palenko, sophomore, are two students interviewed about their ranks and academic planning. 

“I try to exceed the standards most of the time. I put too much effort into my assignments but that’s just how I do things.” Melesio said. Motivation plays a big role when coming to executing assignments and tests. Melesio states that the goal of getting good grades was instilled at a young age. “To get good grades was something that’s always been important to me since I was younger.”

That being said, academics can be very difficult to manage along with hobbies and extracurriculars taken outside of school hours “Sometimes I do find it hard to manage other hobbies with the academics that I do because I take academics more seriously. I usually just try to pace myself, make schedules ahead of time, planning, how I’m going to finish all of my stuff on time and with the quality that I want it to be.” Melesio added. 

In addition, Josh Palenko has a different perspective on managing school and private life, “ I don’t, it usually works out for me alright.” Palanko started when asked if he is able to balance after school hobbies with his academics. He also states that school does not usually affect his mindset. 

“Doing homework, I spend one hour of my day, so it does not take too much time. I just stay up doing useless activities,” stated Palenko. He does not let school take over his mind or time, showing that students can develop their own sense of school life, and still maintain to get good grades. 

Josh Palenko is 85 out of 400 students in his graduation class, which puts him in the top 20%. Even with his routine of not spending as much time doing homework, he still manages to keep up his grades. Cecilia Melesio, who is around the 4% mark also manages to be top of her class even with all the extracurriculars she’s in. Each of these students show that they are able to manage their time with academics and keep up their high ranks by putting in the effort.