Caroling Season for Vocal Majors

Cate Cummings, Reporter

LVA’s symphonic vocal majors start the Christmas season very early. Beginning in August, students learn, practice, and memorize over 50 Christmas carols, preparing to gig in the holiday months and spread cheer. Gigging is a performance-based freelance job, where performers are hired to provide entertainment to guests. Groups of as little as six, to as many as 70 singers performed around the valley this year singing holiday classics like “Jingle Bells”, “Silent Night”, “Up on the House Top”, and many more.

“Honestly the biggest struggle I had while memorizing all the carols was not losing motivation to get the German carols right.” says junior vocal major Aria Celentano. “It’s at times harder to stay on track and get through something that might be a tedious or long process but it’s worth it in the end because it makes the group sound good overall.”

Caroling is a great way for the choir to get closer to each other and bond, which can be difficult for a class with 75 students, like Konzert Chorale, LVA’s symphonic concert choir. “I felt closer to my choir because, for one, the carols were fun to learn, and singing them when everything is memorized is really rewarding. You’ll find yourself looking at others around the choir room singing and just having fun. You start to feel like you aren’t doing work but are just doing what you love with people who share the same interests.” Celentano says. Ally Miller, a junior at Konzert Chorale says, “I definitely felt like I made a lot of new friends while caroling because we were put into a lot of stressful situations together and it bonded us.” 

Being sent on a gig is a privilege, as the singers are representing LVA, and get hours of performance experience. Whether it’s a personal Christmas party in someone’s home or singing Christmas carols to a whole stadium at a basketball game, still the hours and hours of rehearsal don’t stop the nerves of performing.  Celentano says, “I really enjoy performing carols in front of people because it is fun seeing people’s faces light up and seeing them smile when they know what we are singing. I like connecting with the audience and eventually, it feels less like a performance and more like you’re celebrating a holiday and connecting with people. Even if you mess up while singing a carol, you can tell the audience is just happy we are there.”

When a group is hired to go on a gig, profits made are given back to the students, making caroling the biggest, and most profitable fundraiser for vocal majors. Konzert Chorale is traveling to Hollywood in March to perform in Chapman’s Vocal Festival, among other activities. The funding from caroling is put toward the trip, expanding vocal students’ performing endeavors. “I am very excited about the trip!” Miller says. “I’m most excited to see the Lion King.” I am so so so excited about the Hollywood trip this year. I have never been on an LVA trip before let alone with a Choir I feel so connected to. I am so excited to visit Universal with my friends and sing and work with them in the process.” Celentano shared.

Caroling with LVA’s Konzert Chorale and Academy Singers is a fun and valuable opportunity, as it provides students with performing experience and opportunities while allowing them to fundraise for their future performing ventures.