Behind the Scenes of an LVA Mockumentary

Ethan Andrew, Reporter

Later this year, Conner Hollister, Ethan Andrew, and Ava McClure plan on releasing the mock documentary they have created about the secrets hiding in LVA’s walls. The ‘mockumentary’, titled “LVA Forgotten Files”, will feature the adventures of fictional characters Conner Ballister, a conspiracy theorist (played by Conner Hollister),  and his cameraman, Guy Camera (played by Ethan Andrew), as they investigate the truth behind LVA’s biggest mysteries. 

Some of these adventures will include ghost hunting, multiple conspiracies, and crime. The first act will feature many interviews from LVA students about their school life, majors, and their personal drama. As it is a MOCKumentary, students are encouraged to embellish details for the sake of entertainment. If you would like to be interviewed, email [email protected]

The mockumentary will be split into three acts, which will all be published towards the end of the school year. The events will get increasingly crazy over the course of the three acts, with the finale being something no one will see coming- revealing the deeper meaning behind the mockumentary itself. 

Remember to keep your eyes peeled for “LVA Forgotten Files!”

Watch a teaser trailer here: