Student Aides at LVA

Daniel Bryan, Reporter

At the Las Vegas Academy, there are numerous opportunities for students to select elective classes. Some of the elective classes available include, Journalism, Imaginative Writing, Music Theory, and many others. There is also another hands-on elective class available to the upperclassmen who attend LVA. This elective is “Student Aide”. When one becomes a student aide they have an opportunity to help out a staff member, whether they be in the classroom or an administrator’s office.

 We had the opportunity to speak with Lauren Cook, who helps out as a student aide every other morning. “In my junior year I worked up at the front desk, I had to answer phones and I have anxiety and that’s not fun. Sometimes I would get angry parents and that was really nerve-racking”. 

Fortunately, there are other opportunities for students to help teachers in classrooms around campus. Lauren Cook has taken a liking to being a student aide for Ms. Donna Bachman in the Character and Compliance office. “I like it (assisting in the Character and Compliance office) better this time around because I don’t have angry parents all the time and I get to just sit and chill and Ms. Donna brings me hot cocoa.”

There are numerous opportunities for upcoming juniors and seniors to be student aides and build bonds with staff at LVA.