LVA Arts Spotlight: Mrs. Mabel


Jesus Ramirez

Mrs. Mabel and her freshman visual arts and 2D design students posing for a photo.

Kaidyn Kuzyk, Reporter

Mrs. Mabel is an art teacher at LVA. When asked, what is your favorite part about working with the art department at LVA? Kelly Mabel responded, “First of all, I think I work with an amazing team of instructors that all have so many specialties as well as amazing personalities. So it makes it a joy to learn not only from each other but then also to be able to collaborate as well as work together. And then the second thing is I feel like every day I’m learning from my incredibly talented students. I think it’s fantastic.” When asked, “What are some strengths and weaknesses within the art conservatory?” This is what Mabel had to say about the strengths, “The depth of knowledge, hardworking students, and faculty.” This is what Mabel had to say about the weaknesses within the art department, “I think maybe a weakness would just be the amount of student absences.” The last question asked was, “What is one of your favorite experiences at LVA?” Mabel said, “It’s kids getting scholarships and just to see the look on their faces or get an email from them, telling me that not only did they get into their top picks for colleges, but got massive scholarship awards, that I’ve read single year. I think just overdoses itself and never ever becomes any less exciting than seeing kids know that their whole life is gonna change.” Mrs. Mabel is passionate about what she loves. Remember to appreciate your teachers and to always remember that they want their students to succeed.