Student College Visits

Violet Gude, Reporter

The second semester has begun and it’s a big time for upperclassmen; with SAT/ACT testing and planning their futures. College preparation can be seriously time-consuming and stressful, but a time most upperclassmen have to go through. Whether far in advance or just in time for college next year, many partake in doing college visits. They can be stressful and fun, but give you an idea of what attending that college may be like.  

Senior AJ Storey has had the experience of attending a couple of college visits and auditions in the past few weeks. They describe it as hard work, as they’ve had many auditions, and it can feel nerve-racking. “It was very stressful, but the school college auditions at LVA really helped because it got a few colleges out of the way,” Storey said. 

Their advice to others who will soon do the same soon is to apply to more colleges than you think you’ll need, for extra measures. “If you don’t get in, it’s not meant to be,” Storey said.