Amazon Prime Video Launches New Original Series, “Daisy Jones & The Six”


Allyson Nash

LVA student Violet Gude prepares to watch Amazon Prime Video’s new original series, “Daisy Jones & The Six”.

Allyson Nash, Reporter

On March 3rd, the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video released an original series, an adaptation of Taylor Jenkens Reid’s bestselling novel, “Daisy Jones & The Six”. This story follows a fictional rock band from the 1970s and their journey to fame. After the band breaks up, they decide to finally release the truth about their lives during their peak in stardom. 

Actress Riley Keough plays wild, free-spirited, singer-songwriter Daisy Jones in the series. She acts alongside her fictional bandmates. These bandmates include Billy Dunne who is played by Sam Claflin; Karen Sirko who is played by Suki Waterhouse; Graham Dunne who is played by Will Harrison; Warren Rhodes who is played by Sebastian Chacon, and Eddie Roundtree who is played by Josh Whitehouse. The band works together throughout the course of the story to produce and record their album titled “Aurora”. However, they deal with difficulties including promiscuity and drug & alcohol addiction while trying to record the album. They discuss and reflect on their struggles with fame in interviews that are taken decades later after the band has already broken up. The lessons the characters learn throughout the course of this story make “Daisy Jones & The Six” a series worth watching.

There are 10 episodes in the first season of “Daisy Jones & The Six”, and so far six have been released. The remaining episodes are scheduled to premiere over the course of the next few weeks. The show can only be streamed with the purchase of an Amazon Prime Video subscription. There has been no confirmation of a second season yet, but the series’ raving reviews prove fans definitely want to see more of “Daisy Jones and the Six”.