Student Council Spirit Week

Hey LVA! Did you know that the Student council is doing a spirit week the week before spring break? The dates are March 6th through March 10th. The themes of the days are… 

  • Monday, 3/6- Dress as your type day

Dress how your ideal partner would dress. For example, if you’d like someone who plays football, you could wear a football jersey. 

  • Tuesday, 3/7- ACT day, no spirit theme. 

No school for freshmen, sophomores, and seniors. The juniors are taking the ACT, good luck juniors! 

  • Wednesday, 3/8- Conservatory colors day 

Dress in your conservator’s color. Visual arts is purple, music is yellow, dance is red, and theater is teal.

  • Thursday 3/9- Rhyme without reason 

On rhyme without reason day (as seen on Tik Tok) you dress up with someone as two things that rhyme but aren’t related. For example, you and your friend could be “harry and fairy” so you could dress up as Harry styles or Harry potter and your friend could dress up as a fairy. If you wanted something easier you could do cat and rat. As long as its school appropriate, the possibilities are endless here!

  • Friday 3/10- Soccer mom or BBQ dad. 

Dress in your best soccer mom outfit or BBQ dad outfit. For a soccer mom, you could do athletic wear with big sunglasses and a soccer ball. For BBQ dad, you could do a tropical shirt and khaki pants, and a spatula. 

Show your school spirit and participate in this upcoming spirit week! There will also be activities in the quad during lunchtime throughout the week, so be sure to take part in them.