Benefits of Dance


Dominic Latina, Reporter

The Accolades staff interviewed dance majors on the physical and emotional effects of dance. We asked them to go more in-depth about how their major benefits their lives overall. The main benefits of dance brought up include their physical and mental body being healthier and their self-confidence being increased. 

Senior dance major Nickolas Martinez said, ¨I’m most proud of what I’ve achieved with my body. Probably because I used to be pretty big. And when I started dancing more often I lost weight and I felt more confident with myself.¨ Dance has brought Martinez a stronger, more capable body that he is very proud of. His words really show the physical benefits of dance.

Sophomore dance major Aria Anthony said, ¨It helps with my work ethic and how I’m persistent and I don´t give up on anything. Because you kind of have to work hard at everything you do until you get it in dance.¨ Anthony´s words indicate that dance can be a way to strengthen oneself mentally. 

Anthony and Martinez’s well-being have been greatly affected by their art. Dance as a major can lead to physical and mental growth that helps students with their day-to-day lives.