Gruesome Playground Injuries Review

Gruesome Playground Injuries Review

Dom Latina, Reporter

Gruesome Playground Injuries is a two-person play written by Rajiv Joseph. The show is about the intimate relationship between the two characters in the show, Kayleen and Doug. The play is considered a memory play, where each scene either jumps forward 15 years or back 10 years. The show is broken down into eight scenes. In each scene, the two characters meet up over some traumatic experience involving injury, death, or life problems. As the show goes on, each scene starts to make more sense as more information and context are given.

I personally have loved exploring this play and its structure of events is very beautiful. Each character is fleshed out so much. They both have very relatable dialogue and moments that make them seem very human. The emotional moments in the play are done so well, the reactions and rebuttals of the two add to the deep tone of the story. Each character plays off the other flawlessly, They contrast each other so well that ultimately it leads to a beautiful tragedy at the end of the show. Quite frankly it left me in tears. 

Doug and Kayleen are gold mines for actors to get into. Since the two are so relatable, you can really break them down and insert their story into your own life and incorporate that into one’s acting. I believe that is why I myself have loved exploring and becoming the characters when doing scene work and workshops. 

I would recommend this play to anyone who is a big fan of two-person plays. I would also recommend this to people who love deep, emotional life tragedies. Even if you aren’t a fan of emotional tragedies, this show still has comedy going for it. The comedy in the show is very well incorporated and doesn’t feel too forced. I don’t think this show is an acquired taste at all. I genuinely believe anyone could read the show and heavily enjoy it.


This play is very beautifully written and I believe a lot of people will be moved by the overall message of the story. I could not recommend this show enough. Give it a read and you too will fall in love with the story and characters.