Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Jeffery

Ethan Andrew, Reporter

Rashida Jeffery is a counselor at Las Vegas Academy of the Arts (LVA)  who is responsible for the Band and Mariachi majors. Her job includes helping students with schedules, 504 plans, credit checks, social and emotional learning, college and career planning, parent-teacher conferences, and advocating for all students. She is also the school’s recruiter, and when asked what she does for that, she responded “I attend middle school magnet fairs to promote LVA, disseminate information, and answer questions about LVA.” 

Jeffery stated that working at LVA is different from other schools because “It is a full performing arts and visual arts school. I think that the level of talent at LVA is amazing. I enjoy seeing the students perform and create within their designated crafts.” One unique thing about LVA is the ‘LVA Way” and when asked about what this means to her, Jeffery responded, “The LVA way means that all are welcome and all shall be joyous and successful.”

Accolades staff asked Jeffery what her favorite part of her job was, and she responded, “My favorite part of my job is helping students attain their emotional goals and to succeed overall as young adults.” She also said “I truly enjoy watching my students perform. I am also glad that I can be a positive role model to all the kids here at LVA and even more so being a person of color that students can emulate.” Jeffery cares about all of her students and enjoys seeing them grow in both their arts and academics across the school years. 

Even though Jeffery does love her job when asked if she would change anything about it, she responded, “I believe that the majority of educators are underpaid, I would change the salary to give counselors and teachers raises.” Other than that, she also stated that her least favorite part of her job is when she loses a student or when she can’t help a student succeed. About this, she said, “I take it as a personal failure.” 

Jeffery was also asked why she chose to work at LVA, and she responded, “LVA chose me! I think that they needed some Mrs. Jeffery magic here!” 

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