The Upcoming Prom and the History Behind the Event

Prom, one of the most iconic high school events, is quickly approaching and everyone is preparing for the biggest night of the school year. Prom is a huge part of everyone’s high school experience, as it comes with fancy attire, limousines, prom kings, and prom queens. Proms arose from the high-class debutante ball, an event that highlighted the etiquette of young women. The event evolved into what we know today. Area 15 will be hosting LVA’s prom in the Van Gogh exhibit with the theme of the famous photo “Starry Night.”  

Over the years, prom has become an important tradition for high school students, with exciting promposals, dress shopping, and pre-prom events becoming a big part of the true high school experience. With its origins in formal balls of the past, prom has evolved into a unique and important tradition in its own right, with students around the world eagerly anticipating the chance to dress up, dance, and make memories with friends. 

The LVA prom admission is $50, starting on April 11 for seniors. Both juniors and seniors can purchase tickets from from April 14 – April 27th. On the week of prom, tickets increase to $60. Buy your tickets soon before their price increases! Some schools in Las Vegas change their prices earlier,  so LVA has a big timeframe and encourages all upperclassmen to share the special night. 

Students at LVA were asked if they were attending prom or not. Senior Destiny Adams was questioned to reflect on last year’s prom at the House of Blues. “It’s cool to see everyone get dressed up and show their style in their own way.” They were also asked about their excitement for this year’s prom. ”I’d just say getting to enjoy my last prom with my friends.”

In a Harvard Crimson issue, promenades that included formal dress and dancing were documented at Ivy League colleges during presentation week in the mid-1800s. Another piece of evidence of early promenades was a diary entry from 1894 that came from a male student from Amherst College invited to a prom near Smith College, a women’s college. A few years later, prom events came to high school. The tradition of prom was eventually adapted by high schools in the early 20th century, with the first high school prom being held in the early 1900s. However, proms did not become a widespread tradition in high schools until after World War II. Students dressed up in formal attire and arrived in limos and other fancy vehicles for proms during the postwar era.


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