ACAD Goes to Minnesota


Addison Williams

NBA game – Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Atlanta Hawks.

Naliya Bailey, Reporter

LVA’s highest choir, Academy Singers (ACAD), recently embarked on their choir tour to Minnesota. ACAD was accompanied by Choir directors Megan Franke and Matt Ostlie along with numerous chaperones.

ACAD first embarked on its tour on March 22 with 43 ACAD choir members and 7-10 chaperones. Throughout their trip, Academy Singers performed at an NBA game – Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Atlanta Hawks, a workshop with the director of choirs at the University of Minnesota, masterclasses with composer Kyle Peterson and award-winning

choral ensemble Cantus, and performances at the Basilica of St. Mary and Mall of America. 

Choir director Matt Ostlie says that the purpose of LVA’s Vocal tours is to see new regions, and “allow our singers to learn from new clinicians, composers, and master artists. Students are also exposed to new cultures and are able to sing in world-class performance spaces.”

On big school trips like these, you must get along and enjoy the people you are traveling with, especially if you are going to be stuck on a plane with them for three hours. Senior Vocal majors Arlee Brooks and Addison Williams refer to the trip as “really refreshing” and Williams, also says “We all just felt comfortable together and enjoy each other’s company.”

This year’s Academy Singers are special, thoughtful kids, and traveling with them was a dream,” says Ostlie.