Parents Against The CCSD Dress Code


Kayla Clemente

Lizdye Camargo Felix, coordinator of protest, along with fellow protester, explaining to Police why they are protesting.

Kayla Clemente, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the years many CCSD students have expressed their thoughts on the CCSD dress code saying things such as:

“If us boys don’t get dress-coded, why should young girls!?” 

“Shoulders are NOT sexual organs.” 

“Everyone has a midriff, why is mine distracting” 

And even,

“I go to a school where the length of my skirt is more important than my EDUCATION.” 

Dress code protests have been going on for years yet nothing has changed. Why? Some CCSD parents agree that the dress code policy isn’t fair. A few of them even came out to support a protest that was held here in Las Vegas on 26 and 27 of Aug. at the CCSD District

Office on Flamingo, a protest organized by Palo Verde High School senior, Lizdye Camargo Felix. 

Lizdye Camargo Felix on the microphone (Kayla Clemente)
Claudia Charisma on the far right (Kayla Clemente)

    On both days there were a few CCSD parents who came, not only to support their children who were protesting but also to express their own discontent. A handful of the student protesters were thankful to see high school,

middle school, male, and female students, along with parents, coming together to stand up for what they believe in. 

CCSD parent, Claudia Charisma had a few things to say about the CCSD dress code: “My boys have never been dress-coded. My daughter has been dress-coded regularly, including in a wrap silk dress that she wore to her brother’s baptism. That was like sort of low cut… if you have breasts. And not only did she have to be taken out of class and wear the shame shirt. She also had to have a whole lecture about how she puts herself and others in danger when she dresses ‘that way’ So when we saw this [the protest event], we were like, yup, we’re coming.”

Charisma explained how kids’ education is affected by missing instructional time due to dress code issues: “…It’s just another piece to worry about. And I really feel like she’s [Claudia Charisma’s daughter] been completely singled out, since she developed… And I feel like in this day and age… I definitely feel like she should be able to wear anything anywhere, and not have the expectation that she somehow brought something upon herself.” 

With that being said, what do you think of the CCSD dress code? Will CCSD ever change the dress code policy? Or will students continue to protest against it, generation after generation?