Student Athlete Spotlight- Sage Fernandez


Sage Fernandez, right, with her medal on the way home from a race.

Ethan Tighe

Welcome to the Student Athlete Spotlight. In this monthly feature we are going to highlight some of the many student athletes here at LVA. We will also get answers to questions about what it’s like being a student athlete at LVA and what each sport is all about.


This month’s featured athlete is Sage Fenandez. Sage is a senior film major here at LVA. She is a runner for the Clark Chargers cross country and track team. Sage competes in various classics and invitationals with her team. She enjoys the 1 mile and 800 meter dash races. 


“I joined Cross Country purely on a whim. My friend’s mom mentioned an XC team for the high school I was currently attending and I came to the first practice as a freshman. I stuck with it since then. The friends I made there persuaded me to do track and field.”


Sage has a hefty training schedule, with practice and games all through the week.


“I practice everyday after school from 2:30-4:30. If we don’t have a meet on Saturday morning then we do a training run. I run around 20 miles/week.”


Being an arts school, LVA doesn’t have any sports despite the large number of student athletes at the school.


“I think it would be popular among LVA students to have a sports club since we don’t have sports like conventional high schools do. We actually have a lot of student athletes at LVA.”


Sports are a big part of a lot of people’s lives here at LVA, but the school still doesn’t have any sports clubs or teams.


When asked about joining a hypothetical LVA cross country team, sage said, “Yeah, I definitely would. It would be a great opportunity to hang out with friends and just have another activity to be a part of.”


Thanks for your time Sage! Remember, if you’re a student athlete and want to be featured on the Accolades website scan the QR code on one of the posters around school or send an email to Ethan Tighe at [email protected].